Outline and Two Body Paragraphs

Uploaded Sample Outline.Week 4 Documents, 2-1Attached Files:Paraphrase Example.doc (25.5 KB)Paraphrase exercise 1 online.doc (22.5 KB)Paraphrase exercise 1 answer.doc (22.5 KB)Quoting examples 1.doc (29 KB)Quoting examples 2.doc (23 KB)Paraphrase and summary.docx (13.561 KB)Paraphrase and summary answers.docx (12.44 KB)In-text citation practice 2 answers.docx (15.209 KB)In-text citation practice 3.docx (12.639 KB)In-text citation practice 3 answers.docx (13.699 KB)Read “On Writing” by Stephen King, pg.221, Chapter 8, in the Norton Handbook. Outline and two body paragraphs for Informative paper due Sunday.Quiz over paraphrasing and quoting next week.

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