A Clear And Limiting Title An Orien

PLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY AND THOROUGHLY!For your second essay assignment of the term, you will be writing a product description (not a process description), and it should include the following elements:a clear and limiting titlean orienting introductiona spatial, functional, or chronological sequence of topicsat least one visual (make sure to cite the visual)at least two definitionsat least two source citations in APA formata conclusionNOTE: Please choose an item in your possession whose description can be written within the parameters of the assignment. DO NOT use an online manufacturer’s description! The goal of the assignment is for you to learn how to write a clear description on your own. The sources you cite should provide additional information about the type of product you are describing–not the description itself. Also, remember that you are not writing advertising copy, so the description should be completely objective. Do not forget to include two definitions.