homework help w4a2

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homework help w4a2


Using the South University Online Library or the Internet, research  about interactive sociotechnical analysis (ISTA) and the five different  types of sociotechnical issues. Based on your research, create a 6- to  8-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that includes the following:

An introduction and explanation of human factors and sociotechnical issues in medical informatics An overview of the ISTA model Key features of the ISTA model Descriptions of the five types of sociotechnical interactions Unintended consequences for each type of sociotechnical interaction An in-depth description of any one of the five types of  sociotechnical interaction factors from the ISTA model, including a  rationale as to why the selected issue is important A hypothetical example of a medical informatics issue at play for the sociotechnical issue you selected A summary statement relevant to ISTA emphasizing on unintended consequences Submission Details:

Support your presentation with appropriate research, reasoning, and examples. Cite any sources in APA format

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