What is the purpose of Minitrue?, english assignment help

I have to read a story and answer any 8 questions from the list below:

Each question have to be answer at least 100 words so the total not less than 800 words.

1. What is the purpose of Minitrue?

2. How does this story treat memory? The past? The truth?

3.What do the 3 slogans mean? Why do they contradict themselves?

4.What is the 2 Minutes Hate? What is its purpose?

5.Why is Big Brother watching you? How does the Party spin this as a good thing?

6.Why is starting a diary a revolutionary act?

7.What is thoughtcrime? Why is it punishable by death?

8.Why is Mrs. Parsons afraid of her own children?

9.What is the purpose of Newspeak?

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