University of Southern California O Race and Ethnicity Sociology Questions

2 Very Short Answer Questions

100-150 minimum words each

Must be taken seriously and present College level work

Question #1

1. Identify a source of media,that is related to race and ethnicity(…)

2. develop a post considering the prompts below: you must apply one of the major sociological theoretical paradigms (conflict, functionaist, interactinism) to your source.

*********Be sure to upload or provide a link to the source that you utilize**********

1. What is the overall message of the source? Its major themes and patterns?

2. How is the race or ethnicity of the writer, speaker, or performer established within the text?

3. What is the importance of the historical and social context in which the text was created? Are there references to people, events, or social problems?

4.How does the source tackle issues such as racial and ethnic identity; racism, prejudice, discrimination, inequalities; and inter-group relations?

5. Does the source deal with intersectionality, where race or ethnicity is also linked to class, gender, sexuality, age, or other forms of inequality?

6. Why did you chose the source? What about it is interesting or meaningful to you? What did it make you think for feel?

(Minimum 100 words)


Question #2

Watch the three video clips

After watching the clips,

Imagine a racially democratic society. What would that look like? How would your daily life be different in such a society? Record your reflections.

(Minimum 150 Words)

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