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Inauguration of president-elect Donald Trump will be Held on 20th January this year. This will day will mark the beginning of a new reign of another United States president. Donald Trump won the US presidential race controversially. His inauguration as the president will see many sectors like trade, US foreign policy; business, intelligence and many vital subsections of the US government take a new course (Malloch & Nigel, 2017). We will dive into how his inauguration will be an interest to the business executives and public policy advocates.

The Business executives will be interested in his Inauguration because of his policy on trade. The business executives will wait to see the levelling of corporate tax to 15% as he alluded in his campaign. Again, they will be interested as he talked of reducing the number of brackets for personal income tax. According to Trump, the top rate would be reduced from 39.5 to 25%.Furthermore, the president elect stand on the minimum wage is much anticipated by the business executives. Additionally, the business executives are interested on his stand of alternative minimum tax and estate tax which he promised to eliminate during his campaign. Lastly, his proposal to increase tariffs on Chinese and Mexican exports to US is of interest to business executives who sell these types of goods (Stockman, 2016).

On the other hand, the public policy advocates will be interested by his term as the president. This is because they are the educators of government policy to the citizens. As a result, the public policy advocates must be attentive to educate people on Donald Trump policies. This includes the much anticipated foreign policy that will affect US relations with other countries. Also, they will be interested to know how to implement advocacy efforts. Again, his stand on litigation, lobbying and public education is anticipated by the public policy advocates (John, 2012).


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