SOC100 UCSD International Students & Higher Education Annotated Bibliography

INSTRUCTIONS FOR ANNOTATIONS: I already attached topic statement

•Start each annotation with the full and complete citation using either APA (American Psychological Association) or ASA (American Sociological Association) style. For more information, please see…

3 academic sources

o Examples of academic sources: § Article published by a peer-reviewed academic journal § Book published by an academic or university press § Literary publications, textbooks, encyclopedias o Examples of popular sources: § Newspaper articles § Blog posts § Radio and TV broadcasts

•Annotate each source by writing out 6-12 sentences of notes that reflect: (1) the main point of the reading you selected, (2) the relationship between the article and your topic, and (3) how you may use this article in your final paper.

o Your annotations should be free of major mechanical errors (e.g., spelling), but they do not need to be in full, complete prose. The main point here is to get your ideas flowing on the page.

o Please note that in the process of your research, you may search for, download, skim, and even read some articles that are not worth annotating. Only after you are at least somewhat sure that you are going to use an article should you take the time to make annotations.

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