ONLY EXPERTUTOR 4 question /2 parragraph min each answer /community health / due date jan 5

– Evidenced based Practice and Population Health

Answer this question.

A) In thinking about levels of prevention, choose a data based publication that represents each level and takes a position about which level of prevention is the most complex to put into action in order to advanced health and wellness.

B). Critique behavioral changes from the prespective of measuring the change after a health promotion in their diet interventionhas beenImplemeted (e.g., teaching communities to decrease saturated fats in their diet

2-Research Methadology.

-An assessment of baseline knowledge, attitudes, and practices among healthcare providers in the community regarding pneumococcal vacination to identify barrierd to providing pneumoccal vacination

-An  assessment of baseline  knowledge, attitudes, and  beleifs among community residents aged 65 years or older to determine barriers to receiving pneumococcal vaccination.

 A)What research methods do the nurs use to perform these assessment? How would you go about gathering the data for those assessment ?

3-Inplementing nursing practice in community setting

Identify the driving and restraining forces in a forces in a field analysis to help plan change to reducebinge drinkking on collage campues.

a. Which restraining forces would you want to strenghen? What approach would you use to accomplish this. Why?

b. Which restraining forces would you want to decrease? What approach would you use. Why?

4–family assessment 

Consider a family from your clinical practice that is different in some way from your own.  Discuss the challanges of workig with the family and describe how you were able to support them. Write a short paragraph about something you learned from that experience.  Include an action that you might approach differently, ifyou were in a similiar situations

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