I need a comment base on what she answer. At least 150 words.(Evidence-Base)


I am excited to say that I finally have my first RN job of my career, although it is not my dream job I am excited to get my feet wet in the industry. As of yet I have only experienced a very long orientation and through out this experience I would have to say that the most apparent evidence based practice would be hand washing in my work place. 

Per the article “Hand hygiene the case for evidence based education” indicated that the lack of hand washing would affect one in eleven inpatients that carry thirteen percent mortality and lengthen stay by a factor of two in a half. It goes on to state that fifth teen percent to thirty percent could have been prevented.

There are microorganisms that can be found on the skin which are normal flora to the nurse but can be dangerous to someone with an impaired immune system, like the ones generally found in health care facilities. There seems to be some barriers that have been encountered which are forgetfulness, skin irritation, ignorance of protocol. Some ways my facility has improved the hand hygiene agenda is having sanitizing gel in every patient room and hallways, nurses station. They have now changed the sanitizing gel that comes with an aloe component that will soothe the hands after the frequent hand washing. There are now trainings as well, such as frequent in-services with prizes as incentives for safety dependent on the percentage of hospital acquired infections. 

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