Ethics Web Search

There are specific ethical issues that commonly occur in the workplace for professional nurses. Among them are: moral distress, medical futility, limited healthcare resources, and truth-telling. The stress of these issues often leads to nurses abandoning the profession.For this discussion, complete the following:

-Use a search engine to locate a credible website that focuses on one of the specific ethics issues listed above. It is best if you find different, unique websites as this will provide you with a much greater depth of resources for future use.

-Provide the website and explain why you chose it. Afterwards, report on what you found on the website that was helpful or interesting. Include a proper reference for the website.

-Lastly, present a stance on whether you believe healthcare is a right or a privilege. Provide valid reasons to support your answer.

Your response should be written in your own words, consist of complete sentences, and should be at least two to three complete paragraphs

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