Don’t Worry, Act Happy, English homework help

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For this assignemnt please provide feedback your opinion to the following,please provide 200 words. After reading “Don’t Worry, Act Happy” by Albert Nerenberg, I don’t fully agree with the Nernbergs argument. While the brain is the most complex organ we have, I personally don’t think that someone who pretends to have an addiction, or compulsive disorder can acquire one by simply acting.If the actor has pre-indicators of such disorders or addictions, then they might be able to take on some of the traits over a period of time and may want to pass on the part. I not so sure that the author Nerenberg has a strong argument, but his train of thought throughout the easy stayed constant to the main topic. By Nerenberg organizing his ideas, and details, his train of thought is never lost in the essay overall.Additionally, I do believe, that you can train your thoughts.However, I don’t think this happens overnight or very rapidly. For instance, there have been many studies that have shown, people can self-create an illness and after time be diagnosed with the same illness.There have also been studies showing just the opposite, there have been many people beat an illness, by using positive thinking. In closing I don’t think acting happy can make you happy, thinking happy will make you happy.

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