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To further develop that trend rather than replying to a question that I will post, each of you will post a question related to the assigned materials for this week no later than Thursday and thereafter moderate a discussion and interact with your classmates to explore the points posted for consideration. The benefit of doing so is for you all to become more active in the process of learning and for you to better demonstrate your quality of understanding of the topics. Answering questions is but one part of demonstrating your quality of understanding of any topic. Of equal value is asking questions that reflect the quality of academic dialogue. Carrying on that theme this week, you are each required to: 1.Craft a factual complex question (similar to those that I have done to date) that is based on the assigned course materials for this week of class (as listed on the weekly course calendar on the syllabus) and that specifically demonstrates an understanding of the assigned materials and topics. Note that you are not permitted to assign any additional materials as part of your question. Take care when you do so that you do not post obvious questions, repeat any questions in the text, or post simplistic questions that do not reflect academic level dialogue. If you post a simplistic or off topic question, you will not receive any credit for this week of discussion. Questions should be based on the required type and quantity of resources and should reflect quality of research on the topics—writing a quality question involves research based on the assigned materials for this week, not asking simplistic and obvious questions. REQUIRED: Subject lines must say the following: DB Q and a one or two word subject line (follow this format or full credit will not be afforded to your question—do not include any other information) 2. Note that once a classmate posts a question on a given topic from the course materials this week that you are not permitted to repeat that same topic. The topics will therefore be first come first serve. If you repeat a topic, no credit will be afforded for your question. Take care to review all posts prior to posting your questions to ensure you do not repeat the topics posted in advance of your posts. 3. Post your question by the required deadline of Thursday for first posts. 4. Respond to other questions as normal based on documentation reflective of the DB Criteria (this is where you will meet the minimum required sources and the required scholarly source requirement) 5. Moderate your question–answer follow up questions, further elaborate on points, and keep the topics moving along

To assist you with the process of constructing substantive and appropriate questions for this week of the class, prior to posting your question, please take a few moments to review the following resources. Remember, if you do not write a complex question (one reflective of those I have posted to date) you will not be afforded credit for this assignment.

Please take time to carefully craft an appropriate question to ensure you receive full credit for the week of discussion and thereafter to interact with your classmates to engage in a robust discussion of the topics presented for consideration :

“Leading a Class Discussion” :http://www.thenagain.info/Classes/Basics/LeadingDiscussion.html

“How To Lead An Effective Discussion “ : https://www.hamilton.edu/oralcommunication/how-to-lead-an-effective-class-discussion

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