CRJ306 Ashford University Voir Dire Is a French Term Meaning Paper

Prior to beginning work on this video presentation, read Presumed Fair? Voir Dire on the Fundamentals of our Criminal Justice System (Links to an external site.) and Trial Myths and Misconceptions. Additionally, watch The Art of Voir Dire (Links to an external site.).

As you know from the reading and video materials for this week, the term voir dire literally means truth. Your video presentation must show a comprehensive understanding of the process of voir dire and its significance in a criminal trial.

In this discussion forum, you will prepare a two- to three-minute video presentation and post it within the discussion forum detailing the following information:

  • Explain the legal term voir dire, its origins, and its purposes.
  • Detail the process of voir dire, and distinguish between preemptory and discretionary strikes of potential jury members.
  • Provide an opinion of whether or not the process of voir dire serves its stated ends.
  • Create improvements in the current system of voir dire to ensure fair and impartial jurors for criminal trials.
  • Explain whether or not a defendant is entitled to a “fair” or a perfect jury.
  • Distinguish between preemptory strikes of jurors vs. strikes for cause of potential jurors.

*You can create a video that is animated in some way, or can write a script that I read in a video and post. Thanks.

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