Clinical Standard of Practice Presentation. Current treatment recommendations for asthma.


1. Clinical Standard of Practice Presentation (10% of Grade)

Students are expected to expand their use of resources for evidence-based practice beyond the required text, and explore nursing and related literature to improve their understanding and application of advanced interventions. Each student will present a Clinical Practice Presentation. The focus of the presentation must reflect current treatment recommendations from accepted professional organizations. Presentations will be evaluated related to the criteria listed. Presentations must be 8 slides in a PowerPoint format with a Reference List in APA format, will be no more than 15 minutes in length. Topic will be Current treatment recommendations for Asthma.

Grading Criteria .Criteria Points


1- Presents   the case including CC(chief complaint) ,  HPI(history of present illness), Hx(medical history), ROS(review of system) and PE findings concisely .10


2- List possible differential diagnosis with   supporting/excluding criteria. 10


3- What   labs or tests are typically ordered in relation to this condition? What   results should the NP   expects to see with this diagnosis? 20


4- What   medications are typically prescribed for this condition? List specific drugs,   starting doses, dose ranges, precautions to keep in mind when prescribing   these drugs. 20


5- What are   the outcomes expected or unexpected for this specific condition? And What   patient outcomes will trigger a referral?. 20


6- Provide   patient teaching materials specific to their condition. 20


Total 100

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