Assignment 5.3 – Essay 4 -SOC


  1. Watch the video: Violence: An American Tradition.
  2. Write an essay examining four (4) underlying reasons why violence is more pervasive in the US than any other industrial democractic nation.
  3. Cite and reference your all sources. See for direct instructions.

Length: 2-3 pages double-spaced

To submit this assignment, click on the Assignment 5.3 — Essay 4 link below.


This assignment will enable you to examine historical, political and cultural contexts of violence, and how it become a protracted social problem in the U.S.


This assignment is worth 25 points toward your course grade and will be graded according to the following Essay Grading Criteria:

Essay Grading Criteria

Addresses the required questions, issues, problems, etc. of the essay topic(s). .

6 points

Applies and defines related sociological concepts, theories, terminology, etc.

6 points

Presents beliefs, opinions, viewpoints, etc. substantiated by data, information, etc.

6 points

Draws data, information, etc. from research-based and peer-reviewed reference sources.

4 points

Uses APA Style to write essay and cite reference sources.

3 points

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