American Government discussion, political science homework help

American federalism has evolved systemically since 1789. Several nations practice a ‘brand’ of federalism such that a modifier is required to understand federalism in America. For this week’s discussion you are required to consider and research an issue that has arisen under the umbrella of State’s rights.


1- Describe the issue briefly but concisely, including summarizing key policy changes over its history.

2- Do you believe the State’s rights have eroded or have been strengthened related to this specific policy?

3- Do you think the issue should be regulated at a State level or at a Federal level?

4- Include a link to at least one scholarly article/journal on your subject.

5- Defend your position. In addition, briefly discuss how you view the particular issue evolving under the Trump administration.

A few issues you could consider include: Same-sex marriage; legalization of marijuana; the death penalty; tobacco use; juvenile responsibility etc.

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