About research method

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About research method

 1- Identify a practice issue in nursing that would benefit from utilizing a mixed methods approach. 

2- Discuss how the quantitative and qualitative data would complement one another and add strength to the study. 

3- Discuss the challenges that you might encounter in using a mixed methods approach. Support your discussion using current mixed methods research articles.

Following  is the article that uses a mixed method, and I would like to use for my homework :

Eaton, L. H., Meins, A. R., Mitchell, P. H., Voss, J., & Doorenbos, A. Z. (2015). Evidence-based practice beliefs and behaviors of nurses providing cancer pain management: a mixed-methods approach. Oncology nursing forum, 42(2), 165-73.

We have to use the text book :

Tappen, R. (2015). Advanced Nursing Research: From Theory to Practice. (2. Ed., Ed.) Jones & Bartlett Learning 

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