Your best friend in high school has announced he/she is dropping out of school, English homework help

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For this writing assignment, please write on this topic:

Your best friend in high school has announced he/she is dropping out of school without finishing his/her high school diploma. Write a personal note in letter format designed to encourage him/her to persevere and earn that diploma.

This assignment requires you to persuade your readers that your opinion is valid. Make sure to provide significant details.

  • This assignment requires a minimum of 500 words and may be returned if it is not long enough to evaluate.
  • This assignment is not optional and must be completed before you turn in any other assignments in the course.

Once you have completed your Diagnostic Essay Assignment, you are ready to move to the next unit!

This exercise is valuable because the better you get at editing your papers, the better your writing will become. An initial draft is just that. A final draft is one that has been revisited, revised, edited, cut, pasted, rewritten, torn apart and stitched back together. It doesn’t matter how messy the process gets. What matters is that the final piece of writing that you submit is solid. Do not be afraid to revise your paper so much that it no longer resembles your initial essay.

Your final essay will be graded using the 6+1 Writing Traits rubric found in the introductory material of this course.

You may access a copy of your original diagnostic essay by going to your grade book and clicking on the score there.

In case you have forgotten the topic for the diagnostic essay, the details can be found in Section Two of the Introduction Unit of the course.

When you have finished revising your essay, please submit this assignment. Please be sure to document your sources.

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