WVU Pepsi Advertisement Attempts to Influence Drink Choice Paper

Critically evaluate a food- or nutrition-related advertisement. The advertisement can be

from television, magazine, newspaper, or internet. You may use the Internet to research

the product being sold. Be sure to include the following in your paper:

1. How the advertisement attempts to influence food choices.

2. What audience is being targeted?

3. What attributes of the product are emphasized?

4. What mechanism is used to hold your attention?

5. How factual is the information?

6. What is used to lend credibility to advertiser’s claims?

7. What part of the truth remains undisclosed?

8. How effective is the advertisement?

Your report should be 2-3 pages of 12-pt double-spaced text with 1”-margins. Also include a copy of

the advertisement if it came from a magazine or newspaper.

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