This week you read two chapters from David Allyn’s book Make Love, Not War. The second of these chapters (Chapter 21) examined the end of the Sexual Revolution by highlighting the conservative backlash against the changes that had occurred over the prior two decades. Identify any three issues discussed by Allyn that you think are emblematic of that chapter’s theme. For each issue you highlight, a) explain what the conflict was about, b) what the issue was reacting against (what change wrought by the Sexual Revolution was this issue trying to undo?), and c) state how the issue was likely to affect public morality.

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This week’s theme was the Sexual Revolution. Lectures and reading examined the ways in which the Sexual Revolution challenged traditional morality. We skirted around the issue of backlash that it brought about. This week’s art hinted at the potential of new ideas in sexual morality to find its way into artistic creativity.


Pick one of the prompts below and write an essay (400-700 words) in response in formal academic English. (So basically, your best grammar, punctuation and spelling; citations for quoted materials; paragraphing; and an internal structure to the essay—e.g., intro, body, conclusion.) For citations, please use footnotes or endnotes.

If you are unfamiliar with footnote citation systems, please consult online resources that explain them. The Turabian system and the University of Chicago system are nearly identical. The websites linked below organize the material in different ways; so, consult the one you find more readable: https://www.library.georgetown.edu/tutorials/research-guides/turabian-footnote-guide (Links to an external site.) OR http://www.press.uchicago.edu/books/turabian/turabian_citationguide.html (Links to an external site.)

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