Write two papers, one for Module 5 and one for Module 6. and summary for their readings respectivly

300 words each paper.

the summary is from Gonzalez chapters. three chapters each module.

Module 5 –

In this module we learned about our fourth major heresy, Arianism. [Remember: Gnosticism- this movement was a dualist group that emphasized realizing one’s spiritual spark and avoiding things in this material world (spiritual things being good and material things being bad). Also, the Novatians & Donatist]

For this assignment, in 300-500 words, create a heretical movement based on the readings we’ve done so far. As this is a historical fiction and creative writing piece, try to incorporate ideas from our readings into your heresy. Please email me if you have any questions, but remember a heresy is simply something different than what Christianity found ‘mainstream’ or ‘conventional.’ Thus, the Novatians and Donatists – just for being stricter on the lapsed – were deemed heretical.

Module 6 –

Letter writing in the 4th and 5th centuries was a far more formal genre than it currently is (think of facebook and email). Moreover, as parchment or vellum was expensive and travel was laborious, letters were well edited before being sent. This module we read Jerome’s letters. For this activity, read Ambrose’s letter 18 to get a feel for another author of this genre. attached.

Then, write a 300-500 word historical fiction letter to one of the people we read about this chapter. Feel free to write a letter to someone beyond our main figures, such as Makrina or Paula. Try to incorporate some of the historical and theological issues we covered into your letter.

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