write a 5-7 research paper

My research topic: Is sending people who do the cyberbullying to prison rational? Or the punishment is too severe which contradicts the freedom of speech on social media. File 1(instruction for research paper): there is the instruction for this paper. And I may update this file.

File 2(example of research paper): you must read this example paper, although it is different topic. It is very good example for you, and paying attention on the structure (complex claim, counterargument and so on) and the way connecting the sources, etc.

File 3(annotated bibliography): there are sources you found before for this topic. You can use them in research paper as sources. Also, you can use some popular sources, like news in magazine or newspaper, I know there is some news about teenagers’ tragic death bullied into suicide. I think using this kind of source will be more persuasive.

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