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Write a 450 – 600 word essay that:
1. Discuss the parts of the brain as they relate to learning and memory.
2. Discuss learning styles.
3. Include your learning style, strengths & weaknesses, and study tools (what old skill(s) align(s) with your results from the Learning Styles Survey and what new tool might you try). I will upload the results of my learning survey and please answer the 3rd guiding question based on this results.
Source material: 1. your notes and text (I will send you later), 2. and 3. my learning style survey results
Make sure that you read all the source pages, discuss the sources that you have been provided and incorporate your understanding of the concepts into the essay. consider potential answers to the Guiding Questions and think about how best to organize your essay in response to the Writing Prompts. Be sure that you follow and address all of the Guiding Question.
Starting with a simple introduction to key terms and working up to an essay that ties all the information together. Your essay should be ENTIRELY in your own words. (so don’t put any direct quote and don’t paraphrase from the sources). Internal integrity, organization, and structure to your essay are of vital importance.
look at the first attachment learning style survey result
Here I have uploaded the essay style and grading guidelines. Please go over the instructions and make sure you follow the rules.
I will send you my notes also so that you make sure what information you need to cover in the paper.
Thank you so much (look at the attachment named essay brain)
Here, I have uploaded my lecture notes and the powerpoint slide of our lecture. Please take a look and make sure you include some of those terms and information in the paper.
look at the attachment named lecture note and phys week
I am also going to provide you with one of my friends essay so you can take a look at it to get some ideas about the essay’s formatting style and it’s information. Please don’t copy any sentences from it because all the essays would be check on the Turnitin.( cprfinal draft)
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