WHITNEY MUSEUM BIENNIAL REVIEW, art & design homework help

Whitney Museum Biennial Review

Art History Assignment: Personal Review of the Whitney Museum Biennial

This assignment is your personal review of the Whitney Biennial. Before you write your review, read the following:

1. The Whitney’s overview of the exhibition, which includes a list of all participating artists, their biography and examples of their work; 2. A few reviews (culled from various sources)






Focus on the following in your review:

1.How is the show organized? Look at the sections on the various floors.

2.What are some of the social, political, and aesthetic issues addressed? Provide a couple of examples.

3. Discuss one or two works you found meaningful. Discuss one or two works you found disappointing. Choose two of the reviews you have read. Select a couple of points from each review and discuss whether you agree or disagree with them.

4. How would you describe your overall experience of the show? In what ways do you think the show was effective and /or ineffective?

Length of your review: two typed, double-spaced pages.

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