Which of the following theories forces entirely on the

Which of the following theories forces entirely on the relations ships between leaders and followers?a. traits approachb. path goal theoryc. situational leadership theoryd. leader member exchange theoryWhich of the following is a group-building and maintenance role?a. the initiatorb. the elaboratorc. the standard setterd. the orienter/coordinatorAccording to path-goal theory, what leadership style should be used when tasks are unstructured and expectation are unclear?a. directiveb. participativec. supportived. achievement-orientedAccording to Hersey and Blanchard’s Situational Leadership theory, the selling style should be used with followers whoa. lack skills and willingness (Readiness Level 1)b. lack skills but are willing (Readiness Level 2)c. are skilled but unwilling (Readiness Level 3)d. are skilled and willing (Readiness Level 4)The relational approach to leadership has progressed through an early phase focusing on ____ to the idea of leader-member exchange.a. contextual intelligenceb. readiness levelsc. out-group exchangesd. vertical dyadic relationshipWhich of the following situation theories suggests that the manipulation of task and relationship behaviors in accordance with follower readiness can facilitate growth and development among followers?a. path goal theoryb. house and mitchell theoryc. hersey and blanchard’s theoryd. fiedler’s contingency model

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