What does society lose if gifted people do not use their

Answer the questions in the three sections below. It is a scientific paper, have to use evidence from the articles provided and explain everything.1. Creativity Questionsa) Given everything that you have read, what do you think is a good definition of creativity? Why? Would you agree with Sternberg that without moral goodness one could not be considered creative?b) Do you believe that all people of normal intelligence have the potential to be creative? Why or why not? What evidence would you use to support your position? What evidence contradicts your position?c) Would you encourage all people to be more creative and if so, why? If not, why not? At what age would you start? As you answer, think about our discussions regarding creativity in the young, in college students, as well as in the elderly. Make sure that your answer includes discussion of the research on creativity so I should see awareness of advantages as well as disadvantages of being creative.
2. ESP QuestionsAssume for now that ESP exists in the form of telepathy, precognition, and remote viewing. Thinking like a scientist and considering the research that you have read, describe (and explain) what you would suggest as the next studies that need to be conducted. What questions need to be asked and why? Who would you choose as your subjects and why? How would you encourage individuals with potential ability to come forward as subjects?
3. Comprehensive Questions: Answer the following questions making sure that you are considering all forms of giftedness that we have discussed this semester.What does society lose if gifted people do not use their gifts?What does the gifted individual lose if he/she does not use his/her gift?How have your ideas about intellectual giftedness, creativity, and ESP changed from the beginning of the semester?

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