What did you learn about role-playing?

. (5pts total) Reflection:
Discuss your thoughts and reactions about both the movie (1 point) and the article (1 point).Were you surprised (1 point), and what did you learn (2 points)?(5pts total) Compare and contrast the movie and the article:How is the big picture between the movie and article similar (2pts)? How are they dissimilar (1pt)?Include specific concepts from social psychology that both the movie and article share. Specifically, incorporate at least 2 concepts from the social psychology chapter or lectures to illustrate your points (1 point per each concept, and using/explaining each concept correctly – worth 2 points total).
(5pts total) Application and integration of learned material:Explain how any of the methods/results/conclusions from the article help explain the actions of Hutu or German soldiers in the movie you watched. For example, what information from the research article can translate to the events portrayed in the movie? For this question, you will overall need to apply the articleto help explain the behavior of the soldiers. Be specific, and use examples.– 3 points for accurately applying the article.
– 2 points for giving at least two specific examples from the article that explain or translate to the movie events.
(10pts total) Critical Thinking:(4pts) If you one day found yourself in a similar position as the Hutu civilianswere in 1994, or the German civilians during the Holocaust, what learned knowledge (from your book, lecture, and/or the article) would you apply to avoid a similar fate of becoming influenced to do evil? Be specific.o (1pt) Do you think you would even notice what was happening before it was too late? Importantly, do you think you could change the course of what was happening?
(5pts) Explain why or why not, and integrate material learned specifically from the topic of social psychology. In other words, this is NOT just an opinion answer. Rather, you must incorporate empirical/factual knowledge to support your response. You must incorporate at least three topics from your lecture that directly apply to this question. Here are several examples of learned topics you can incorporate to answer this question:What did you learn about conformity?What did you learn about obedience and compliance?Why do good people do bad things?What did you learn about the bystander effect?What did you learn about cognitive dissonance?What did you learn about role-playing?Anything else you can add that you learned from lecture or your textbook.

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