West Los Angeles College Old Testament Essay

Final Paper

O. T Summer session

Rev. Bruce Gowe, OSL

In your final paper highlight the items below:

1.0 What was the most interesting fact or understanding you have found out?

2.0 what or who are the most important events in Israel’s history as a people of God?

3.0 what does it mean to be a covenant people? And how would you describe the People Israel?

4.0 What do you feel in your private studies did you feel you learned about the Hebrew/Israel people?


5.0 How would you communicate your studies to high school or college class filled with students who never heard or read the Old Testament?

MLA format

12pt Font Double Spaced

Works cited if you use other resources outside the textbook and bible. If you’re just using the textbook and bible just do in-text citation.


10% Grammar/Mechanics/MLA format

65% Following the prompt

15% Interaction with sources particularly the textbook and bible

5% Turn in on time

5 % New insights, creative, critical analysis, application

Reminder this is going to make up for the third paper and final project

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