week one assignment 2


Search the for following articles: The Role of Nursing in Bridging the Gap between Managers and Physicians in Hospitalsgarding diversity. Improving Communication in the Health Care Setting

Based on your research, answer the questions (five sentences /  question) in a Microsoft Word document. Think of communication with a  healthcare colleague when answering. What barriers to effective communication occur with a professional  colleague who is culturally diverse? How can these barriers affect  patient outcomes? What assumptions can you make about a professional colleague whose  customs are different than yours? How can these assumptions impact  communication? How can you overcome language barriers to increase team unity and  motivation? Why is it important to take responsibility and improve your  cultural competence?

Think of communication with patients. What specific language barriers can result when you communicate with a patient who speaks limited English? How do you adjust to conflicting values or traditions from patients  in a specific religion or culture? For example, patients who are  Jehovah’s Witness religion may refuse blood products or other religions  may not eat pork. How do you adjust dietary restrictions communicating  in a collaborative manner with the dietary department? What are the benefits of a healthcare organization to provide  cultural awareness training for employees? Does your current or past  organization provide cultural awareness training? If not, what will you  recommend to your management team? Select one culture different from yours and describe how this culture deals with death and mourning.

Submission Details: Support your responses with examples and APA cited sources.

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