Water for Elephants, English homework help

This is what I wrote so far. I was told that my thesis is weak. If you could help me with that and fine tune what I have so far it would be great help.

I am trying to cover discrimination in the book.

Jacob Jankowski was a veterinary student in the 1930s when all of a sudden he loses everything he holds dear. His parents die in a freak car accident so Jacob drops out of school loses his home and everything that goes with it. He decides he is going to run away and boards a train. Upon boarding he finds that he has boarded a circus train. This is where Jacob falls in love with August Rosenbluth’s wife Marlena Rosenbluth. In the book, “Water for Elephants” Sara Gruen does an amazing job portraying how precious life is, how we should forge forward when an opportunity presents itself. Sara Gruen’s research and hard work teaches us that we can all be discriminated against even if we aren’t a minority, the old, and young can all be victims as well.

When Jacob dropped out of school he was running away from everything he held dear to him as he boarded a train in the middle of the night. He lost everything he knew in his life, his parents gone, home gone and he even dropped out of school. This train that he boarded had many misfits of many different back grounds. They were a circus after all; they employed midgets, giants, the old, and even the young. None of these people were ever above being discriminated against and Jacob is the perfect example of that. As soon as Jacob boarded the train he was immediately judged and was almost thrown off the train since he did not fit in with the rest of the crowd. He was inevitably given an opportunity to prove himself to the others.

These others gave him the worst of the worst jobs until he was able to speak with August Rosenbluth the circus boss. Even while speaking with the August, Jacob was judged and was almost “redlighted” which means to be thrown off the train while it’s moving. August eventually gave Jacob a job to take care of the animals as a veterinarian if not for Jacob speaking out about his schooling he would have been thrown off the train.

Jacob inevitably inspects the injuries of a star show animal a white horse and makes the decision that it needed to be put down. August however does not like this very much and teaches Jacob a lesson by almost getting his arm ripped off by a lion. August was teaching Jacob a lesson that his money maker show would not be put down he will continue to do the show until the horse dropped dead. This was the same with many issues with minorities’ health back in the 1800s. Slaves were worked until they couldn’t anymore.

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