Water Chemistry , chemistry homework help

For this assignment, you are to set up the steps and show the work which should equal the answers provided. 
Unit 3 Lesson 5: Water Apply 
Vaporization. Make sure that you are showing each step of your work.
1.  How much energy is absorbed when 30.3 g of liquid water boils?  answer= 68.5kj
2.  An energy unit often encountered is the calorie (4.18 J = 1 calorie). Determine the molar enthalpy of fusion of ice in calories per gram. answer = 79.8 cal/g
3.  A typical ice cube has a volume of about 16.0 mL. Calculate the amount of energy needed to melt the ice cube. (Density of ice at 0.°C  0.917 g/mL; molar enthalpy of fusion of ice  6.009 kJ/mol;molar mass of H2O  18.02 g/mol.)

Determine the mass of the ice cube.                                                answer = 14.7g
Determine the number of moles of H2O present in the sample.       answer = 0.814 mol
Determine the number of kilojoules of energy needed to melt the ice cube.       answer = 4.89kj

“Make sure to show your work, and your answers should be provided with the correct amount of significant figures.”

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