Wake Technical Community College Psychology Research Methods

Answer each of the questions below. Responses are usually about 100 words. After discussing the subfields you have read about and answering questions 1 and 2, read the abstract and give your impression of the value of this research, what does it say or not say about the type of research.

1. Consider the subfields of psychology and choose one that you did not know about or one that you believe has the greatest effect on society Name it and describe one field in detail.

2. Choose 2 research methods used in psychology and compare the 2 types of research including describing why one would be chosen over the other for particular research goals. Define the advantages and disadvantages of each.

3. Read the abstract and comment on it with what you believe is the values or lack of value to the research and what is the type of research used. Abstract Translate


Anxiety affects school achievement, yet it is rarely targeted for intervention in students with emotional or behavioral disorders (EBD). This review of the literature summarizes existing research on (1) the prevalence of anxiety disorders in students with EBD, (2) the academic effects of anxiety disorders, and (3) the school interventions designed to ameliorate them. We offer conclusions regarding the state of educational intervention for these students. The review also highlights the scarcity of studies related to anxiety in students with EBD. Past research has focused primarily on students in general education settings, on prevalence within the general population, and on measuring psychosocial symptoms, rather than on academic achievement. We comment on the relevance of these findings to the field of EBD, and discuss implications for further research. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]

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