Personalities and Communication

Myers-Briggs is a well-known personality typing test that identifies  strong areas of personality. Personality tests can be taken as part of  an interview process or in training to determine your best methods of  communication and how you also communicate with others. Click here (http://www.humanmetrics.com/personality)to take a 72-question personality test. You need to select the Jung Typology TestTM given on the website.

Once completed, click Submit and it provides the four letters that are your strengths in key areas. You may click Results  and the page describes your strengths and areas of need. After knowing  your personality type, answer the following questions by providing  examples to support your thoughts: What is your four-letter typing result (ISJT) and what conclusions did you  come to in terms of agreeing if it accurately describes your overall  personality? Knowing this information, how will it help you communicate with  someone who has the “opposite” personality type as you? How will you  adjust your personality to better communicate with another individual? If you are a manager, how will this information about your staff  members help you improve communication when providing instructions,  directions, or presentations? What leadership traits are your strengths and what areas will you need to develop to be an effective leader? How will you motivate your staff if there is a mix of various  personalities and each member may be motivated by different measures? How will you take the results and work to improve communication methods in the workplace? Submission Details: Support your responses with examples. Cite any sources in APA format.

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