Bahamian culture Paper/ no plagiarism / must be original/ must use scholarly references/ must follow guidelines below/ APA format

Submit an outline for your culture research paper which addresses the 5 sections belowFor each section, submit at least one 200-word paragraphFor research not yet in paragraph form, provide an outline that includes evidence, statistics, data or quotes from expertsIf you have completed more than one paragraph per section, include your progressInclude an APA-formatted reference page with at least 3 scholarly sourcesRequired topics: Bahamian cultureSection 1: Culture summaryGeographical and historic backgroundSection 2: A cultural perspective of health and illnessSection 3: Cultural communication and applicationValues and facilitationSection 4: Compare cultural differences to Western healthcare and healthcare serviceProvide details on the cultural beliefs and practices related to health, healthcare, and utilization of Western Healthcare Services.Section 5: Cultural care planReflects sensitivity to the perspective of members of this culture.Submit your paper by Day 7 of Week 4 by clicking on the assignment in Canvas and uploading your document.

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