University of California San Diego NAFTA after 1994 to 2015 in Mexico Paper

due by Sep.5th 11:00am: Write a final paper of approximately 20 double- spaced pages in length. While there will be a degree of flexibility as to what topic you may choose, all papers must touch upon one or more of the themes covered in the readings for this course and must involve a comparison of at least two Latin American countries, at least one of which is among those focused upon in this course (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, or Mexico). Each paper must include a reference page including at least ten (10) academic sources. The preferred formatting for references will be Modern Language Association (MLA) endnote style (7th or 8th edition). Chicago endnote style citation is also acceptable if used consistently.

The arguments presented in the paper must empirical and analytical in nature—that is, based on documented facts and careful analysis of existing research—rather than subjective opinions. If the topic chosen is controversial, students are required to present both sides of the controversy and discuss any normative opinions they have primarily in the conclusion, if at all. Students are also expected to write it from an objective, third person, and gender-neutral perspective (no personal pronouns allowed).

due by Aug.14th 8:00am: submit a one or two paragraph summary of your proposed topic .Along with this summary, an initial bibliography of five (5) relevant academic sources must be attached.

due by Sep 2nd 8:00a.m: Research Presentation and Outline: a two to three page extended (“talking”) outline to the instructor and (optionally) to each member of the seminar. Along with this outline, an updated bibliography of eight (8) relevant academic sources should be attached and given.

plz follow strictly each ddl, any failure in one of them will result in refund process.

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