Unit 2 – Individual Project

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Using scholarly format for your document, write a five page composition, using APA format and citations that addresses the following questions:

What is your DM/DCS/DBA concentration and why did you choose it? Healthcare Management and Leadership. I am a hospital administrator and this will take my career to the next level
Considering your Program (DM/DCS/DBA) your concentration, and your interests, what are the 1-2 research topics that you are focusing on for your dissertation? How prisoners are treated in health and Healthcare Education and Training
If your topic of interest were addressed through your research how would it inform, enhance, or otherwise improve your field? This will have a worldwide spread for the proper care of prisoners
Now that you’ve answered these questions, write a brief introduction that tells the reader what the composition is about and how it is organized. Insert the introduction at the beginning.

Now that you’ve written your answers, write a conclusion for your composition – restating the major points. Your composition should now have this format (1) Intro, (2) Body, (3) Conclusion and (4) Reference page.
Note: For all IP assignments, you must have a cover page. Keep in mind the cover page and reference page are not included in the page count.

Deliverable Length: 5 pages
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