Uc Davis Minority Education Recourse Analysis

Research Paper

Part 1

: Analysis of a Social Problem

(due Saturday 8/24)

Building on the previous part of the assignment, write a

three-to four-page research paper(not including the reference list) analyzing the social problem you chose. The paper should

define what a social problem is and then address these central questions:

What is the social problem? Who claims it is a problem, and


How do they define this issue as

negative or not?What are their reasons?

How well does existing empirical evidence support these claims?

Is there disagreement about this issue representing a social problem?What are the varied perspectives of different groups

(claims makers)?

What does the evidence tell us about who is affected by the issue?

What number of people?Any particular group?

How is the problem related to the way society is organized?How does social structure relate?

What are the

issue’s causes?Are there particular social patterns that help to create this issue?

What are the issue’s consequences?

To what kinds of outcomes does this issue contribute?

Does it contribute to other social problems?How?

If these questions seem to line up with the general structure of course activities, then you are on the right track


Remember, the goal is not to make your own argument that the issue you selected is a social


The paper should identify and evaluate prominent claims about

the issue being a problem.

In general, the clearest papers focus on a narrow set of points with strong evidence. Papers that try to include as much information as possible can easily seem disorganized. Begin with an introductory paragraph and include a thesis statement.

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