U2CD:Criminology 2nd response Helen

In 100 words are more, please respond to the following post:

How does research play in criminal justice policy?

“Research in criminal justice is very important because research it a primary tool, by during research it helps professionals and government identify, what works in the correction, crime prevention, law enforcement, when you do research it develops critical thinking and it gives you analytical skills, you get to analyze, know how to do data and learn information. Research help form policy-making (Beck, J.L., & Hoffman, B. Peter 1976).”

Criminal Justice Policy in Nevada

“In Nevada crime prevention and education, law enforcement is trying to educate the public about crime prevention. Crime prevention is a strategies target changes in community infrastructure, culture, and you have the physical environment to reduce crime. They have asked the public if you see something said something, this includes neighborhood watch, comprehensive. This policing strategy to reduce crime is public surveillance systems like cameras and this reduces crime for property and personal crime (ocj.nv.gov).

Gender Policy

“Men and boys commit more crimes than women and girls. Gender is the best predictor of criminal behavior. Women they tend to have high arrest rates in the same crime, but its men that have a high arrest rates males and females of the same age it always the male always have a higher female at any age (Steffensmeier and Stifel 1991). Women that offenders just like male offenders they might have to be physically abused, psychologically, or they are being sexually when they are a child or even an adult (encyclopedia.com).”

Policy Implementation

“Policy implementation is very important if it fails it could cause financial waste, political frustration and its disruption for ordinary citizens. When you talk about implementation policy it won’t work if the process stops at enactment, because enactment alone it does not a policy will be successful. There are a lot of people along with stakeholders plays a big part in policy implementation. Policy implementation it has different stages like agenda settings and it a list of problem and issues that the government officials or any organization they are paying some serious attention, and this give them time to decide what government will do. The legislation they are designed for the past problem or even prevent future problems and what they are going to do with a bill after it becomes into law. The actions they put into impact or will the problem be solved what are legislation are during or what extent policies that achieve results and use the policies and learn from it (quora.com).”

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