u1l6-Lesson Assignment – Info Graphic Soil, environmental

u1l6-Lesson Assignment – Info Graphic Soil
create an info graphic on soil. Why is it important? Using what you have learned, find compelling images and add text supporting your thoughts. Create you documents in paint or on Google draw. Upload your completed work to this assignment link as a jpeg.
u1l7-Lesson Assignment: Ecosystems and Weather

For this assignment you will list out 5 different types of ecosystems in a chart. Create a second column called “weather”. Your job is to show how weather impacts each ecosystem. When you are finished, upload your completed work to this assignment link.
u3l1-Lesson Assignment

Using food from around you home, create a list of 10 natural products you eat. These can be whole foods such as vegetables, down to individual ingredients in food. Be sure to list all naturally occurring materials.
u3l2-Lesson Assignment
Using a search engine, research one law regarding agriculture and farms that relates to ecosystems. Explain what the law is, then comment on how it was intended to improve the environment. Decide if you think its a good law or not. Post your response to this assignment link.
u3l3-Lesson Assignment

Using an image editor or a program like paint, create an image that explains how food gets from the field to your table, based on what you learned in this lesson. When you finish, upload your image as a jpeg to this assignment link.

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