Trends in your profession (Healthcare)

Use APA Format
The head of your company has asked you to do some research into THREE noteworthy trends in your profession. The goal of this assignment is to write an informative essay which will be used as background material for an upcoming discussion of the company’s strategic priorities. You have been asked to do the following:
Write a 1,000-1,200-word essay in which you discuss THREE trends in your profession (Healthcare) You are to find at least SIX(6) RESOURCES to support your ideas. The source material will be included in the essay in APA format, with both in-text citations and a Reference List at the end.

You are excited about this assignment because you realize that being able to spots trends in your industry is an important skill. It assists you on the job as you work to create and deliver innovative and forward-looking products and services.
Spaeder (2007), writing for Entrepreneur, offers the following on how to Spot the Latest Trends.
In this assignment, research THREE trends in your profession(Healthcare), and then write an APA-formatted essay that includes information from at least SIX articles, books and documents in your research.

Employ APA Style 6ed, including a title page, running header, and Reference List.
Include at least six (6) references
Follow best practices for structuring the paper:

An effective introduction grabs the reader’s attention and sets the tone and direction for the rest of the paper. In reading an introduction, the reader should have a clear idea of what will follow. Supporting paragraphs move the reader from the general introduction to the more specific aspects of your analysis in the paper.
The body paragraphs show how the information you are providing supports and relates to your thesis. Paragraphs across and within sections need to effectively transition from one to the next.
Each paragraph should include a topic sentence, which contains the main point of the paragraph.
The conclusion brings to a close what you have presented in your paper.

Ensure a mix of quality resources; limit use of web sources to well-vetted, reputable sites.

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