This question is about Scholarship.

This is an essay is about applying scholarship from Northeast Texas Community College:
the requirement of the Essay is:
to write an Essay 500 to 1,200 words in length, single spaced using Times New Roman 12 Font. Word Doc
=Talk about your Educational and Career Goals, Community or college volunteer involvement, what achievements honors or awards. your financial need.
=explain how you will personally benefit from this scholarship and how you value a college education.
Student applying Info: Austin Community College District (ACC
my name is Abu Dini I come to united states Sept 2007 From Kenya as immigrant not knowing very well English, I attend one-year High school Due to my Age and I used to go to High school before I come U.S. After I finished high school went to Austin Community College District, I took some ESL classes for 1 year to improve my English, then I started taking college credit classes. I was Undecided for 2 years and registered as General Degree AA Liberal Arts. Last Fall 2016 I finished AA Degree Liberal Arts. now I decided to go back to the same college and decided to study Medical Lab Technician.
I have a wife and 2 sons. I work at Home Care Assistance of Austin, the income I make from this job is not enough to support my family and pay my college.
Last fall 2016 I finished AA Degree Liberal Arts 3.17 GPA
Northeast Texas Community College: Pharmacy Technician Diploma 2015 I was not able to pass the state License.
received High School Diploma 2008 through Akins High School.
Received volunteer recognition from my church through United Way of Central Texas, Austin Student Recognition and Outstanding Community Service after working 300 Volunteer hours for the community.
I believe that educations is the key of everything, before I was undecided but now I am decided to study this MLT Program, and if I receive this scholarship,
I will get a better job and save money for and other 2 years to be come medical laboratory scientists, Support myself and my family, and not only that I will also support other people who need my help.
please write perfect Scholarship essay for me. thanks

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