This paper requires you to examine one aspect of the nursing care provided to the individual whom you have presented in your oral presentation.


The individual you presented in your oral presentation needs to remain as a central feature of your paper. 


We suggest you select a narrow aspect of care rather than a very broad topic as this allows you to add depth to your paper rather providing an overview.

You should start with a brief introduction to the individual (remembering to protect the identity) and the context of care 

then briefly explain why you selected this aspect of care (or the absence of an aspect of care).

You will then need to examine the best available evidence on this aspect of care –

what does the current literature say about this topic? Was the care provided congruent with the evidence? On reflection did it differ, how and why?  

Your conclusion should offer a statement on the impact your new learning will have on your future practice.

please read the instructions and rubric file.

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