The University of Tennessee Chattanooga Stanford Prison Experiment Paper

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After watching the Stanford Prison Experiment Documentary: Quiet Rage (Links to an external site.), answer the following questions/prompts.

  1. Was this a true experiment? Why/why not?
    • Make sure you justify your answer with examples from lectures/text/etc.
  2. Name at least 3 ethical violations of this experiment. Explain how each ethical guideline that you identify was violated.
  3. Of the 3 ethical violations noted, which do you think is the worst, or most harmful. Who was it most harmful to? Why?
    • Make sure to justify your reasoning.
  4. What changes would need to be made to the original protocol in order for researchers to be able to perform this study today? Would an IRB approve such a study? Why/why not?
    • Make sure to justify your reasoning.
  5. Which hypothesis was supported by the findings of this experiment? How? Can we rely on these findings? Were the measures valid? Why/why not?
    • Make sure to justify your reasoning.
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