The University of Phoenix’s “online campus” was established

The University of Phoenix’s “online campus” was established in 1989, well before the advent of and widespread use of the World Wide Web. Since then, the University of Phoenix has exploded, and more and more adults are earning their Bachelor’s, Master’s and even Doctoral degrees online.
Because this model has proven so successful, traditional universities have added online options to their degree programs. Sometimes courses are only “web-enhanced,” meaning that the students still gather in a traditional classroom, but some work takes place on the internet. Many colleges and universities, however, are moving at least some of their courses completely online. This allows them to reach many non-traditional students, and students who simply cannot relocate to the city in which their campus is located.
a. How has the University of Phoenix affected the college experience? Be specific.
b. What are the benefits of obtaining a degree online? What are the disadvantages, if any?
c. Visit their website at Is it an effective website? Defend your answer.

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