Temple University Crossing Over Film HARM Analysis

In the movie “Crossing Over” we meet immigrants new and established, ”legal” and “illegal” which allows us to examine The Menace to Society Figure. It is an important element for mainstream Hollywood movies. Within this universe of the archetype poses a threat to civil “normalcy” and is often defined in terms of the threat they pose to White characters which ultimately makes the Minority character a menace. The exclusion of the Menace to Society character from full participation in mainstream society is justified, and in some cases required for the security of the “common good”, further underscoring the subtle messages of the racial differences between the two characters in the movie.

Complete a HARM analysis sheet and answer these questions based on your viewing of the film in the comments:

How is the issue of Race handled in the film?
How is the issue of Ethnicity handled in the film?
Can you identify H.A.R.M. Archetypes and Prototypes?
For example when we see Hamid’s sister Zahra dressing provocatively, having an affair with her married Latino boss, and overtly defying her family’s expectations or when Gavin gets the head of the Jewish school where he’s teaching to lie that he’s legal so he can keep his job; or Claire getting into a fender bender with Cole Frankel, who happens to work for Immigration and Customs and says he’ll work out a “trade” in exchange for her green card.

How does the film present the US legal system regarding immigration?

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