Speech on importance of taking risks in life, English homework help

Unit 5 explored the idea of taking risks. Look back at Beowulf, “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight,” and the speech, “Explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger, Address to the Nation.” Consider the risks described in each selection. Why do the characters and people decide to take these risks? What do they learn from their risk-taking experiences? Synthesize your ideas by preparing a speech on the importance of taking risks in life.

Note: You will not actually present the speech, but you will write it as if you are a professional “speech writer” who is writing for someone who will present it.

Remember, an effective speech…

  • Includes a clear and logical controlling idea about taking risks
  • Has a logically structured body, including transitions
  • Provides evidence from Beowulf and at least one other text that illustrates the controlling idea
  • Has a satisfying conclusion that follows logically from the body of the speech
  • Demonstrates appropriate and clear use of language
  • Engages the audience
  • Maintains a formal tone through the use of standard English
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