Southern California Proposition 13 and Watergate Scandal Analysis

Assignment includes: 1 short answer(3 paragraphs), 1 Discussion question(150 words)

Must be taken seriously and present College level work

Question #1: Short Answer

Watch the videos below then write a response to the prompt:

Prompt: What was the significance of Prop 13 in California?


1. A clear thesis (argument) answering the prompt (underline your thesis).

2. One quote from the given videos supporting your argument (Bold the quote”).

3. Three paragraphs 1.) Introduction, 2.) Body, 3.) Conclusion.

No citation necessary.

No word length requirement, but you must argue your point, therefore make sure your short answer has the correct amount of detail and analysis to support your argument.


Question #2: Discussion Question

Watergate Scandal brought down a president and left a nation skeptical of its government. President Carter commented on this by declaring that there was a “Crisis of Confidence” in a televised speech. Do you believe today that the government has regained that confidence or is there still a crisis?

(Minimum 150 words)

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