Sociology Video Question Responses, English homework help

For this week’s Discussion Forum 2, please view the following videos. Remember that to earn the full ten-points possible in each discussion forum, students are required to address each of the questions following each video link to its fullest extent:

**Must be 3-4+ sentences each. Must use sociological concepts and terms.**

Video 1:…

Question to discuss: Sheryl says quite a lot in this TED Talk. How do concepts from our course such as Gender Socialization, Gender Roles, Women’s reproductive capacity, and finally, Wage and Career opportunity differences between men and women apply to this talk?

Video 2:

Question to discuss: Think about socialization and other concepts from our course materials such as glass ceiling and glass escalator. Do you feel women are reaching equality in the labor market and in pay? Look back to the solutions handout, which of them do feel works best, which is true of this Public Service Announcement about “Jack” and “Jessica’s” story?

Video 3:

Question to discuss: View the PowerPoint that is attached and read the sexual orientation handouts prior to responding to this question about this third video. Discuss the concept of “internalized homophobia” and use that to explain why Matthew Boger never called the police or went to the hospital for treatment. Finally, what type of solution to this social problem are Tim Zaal and Matthew Boger supporting?

**Please no plagiarism!**

In addition to these questions, I would like you to simply respond to 3 other students’ responses agreeing with them on something they wrote with consideration of other student’s point of view. This is simply agreeing with another students responses with 3 sentences.This will come after you have submitted the answers to the questions so please manage your time accordingly.

I will be uploading the powerpoint for question 3 shortly.

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