Sociology of Introduction to Ethnomethodology

Tic-Tac-Toe Exercise Instructions

Sociology 185E Introduction to Ethnomethodology

For this assignment, you will ask an acquaintance to play tic tac toe with you; then you will bend the rules a little. Here is what we would like you to do.

1. Find somebody to play tic tac toe with. Almost anyone will do –

2. When you’ve drawn up the grid, ask your partner to make the first play. They’ll be happy to do that since it gives them an advantage.

3. After they’ve made the first move, erase their mark and move it to another cell. Then make your mark. When you do this avoid giving the impression that something unusual is going on. Try not to laugh, look shifty or uncomfortable.

4. Afterwards, write down — in detail — exactly how the person responds to your move; include both what they said and what they did (e.g., in terms of facial expressions, body language, emotional displays, and the like).

5. Ask the other person how s/he felt when (a) you asked her/him to play; (b) when you made the “incorrect” move and (c) after the game was over. Write down her/his answers to your questions, and include them in your report.

6. Ask the same questions (a, b, and c) of yourself and record how you felt. Include these observations in your report as well

7. Write the whole thing up in a 2 page, double-spaced. Your report should include an account of each of the matters raised above, as well as the following events: (a) what you were doing when you asked the person to play, (b) how you asked them and (c) what each of you did over the course of the game.

Please remember to include the answers to questions 5 AND 6 (above) as part of your write up.

I also attached my course power point slides so you can know more about what I learned in course.

And I attached detailed instructions for this assignment.

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