SOC139 UC San Diego Imperial Nations & Nationalizing Empires PPT

I attached my paper instructions and course lectures and readings.

YOU MUST use those READINGS as references.

There are my course descriptions for that you know what is course talking about in general:

Course Description:

Although race is commonly understood to be a fixed and natural category, its origins and social consequences are relatively recent inventions. This course explores the development of the Sociology of Race, Ethnicity, and Nation as it coincided with racial, ethnic, and nationalprojects. The social sciences played an important role in the ongoing creation of “races” and “nations,” a process that began around the 17th century. By exploring early scientific engagement with the concepts of race and nation in Europe and the Americas, this course seeks to answer common questions about race and nation: what are they? How and when were they created? Why were they created? And why do they continue to hold such material power?

By engaging both with contemporary and historical sociological debates, students will come to better understand the relationships between race, ethnicity and nation. They will also come to understand the historical processes through which these categories came to not only carry“information” about their members, but also structure material outcomes and life chances.Students will thus come to learn how the scientific, legal, and social construction of racial, ethnic, and national categories have been used to hierarchically distribute material privileges, especially in combination with other axes of oppression and exclusion.

You have 5 days to finish my paper, but you should give ma a paper proposal in first two days.

There are paper proposal instructions:

Provide a short paragraph that describes:

a) your paper topic,

b) how it relates to the content/themes of the course,

c) what your ‘data’ will be (youtube videos, tweets, an organization’s mission statement, etc.),

d) how you will access it ethically. Basically, include a brief description of all of the components of the final paper.

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